School districts seeking applicants to fill board vacancies

The Cypress School District and the Orange Unified School District are searching for candidates to temporarily fill vacancies on their school boards

Both the Cypress School District and the Orange Unified School District have vacancies on their school boards. 

Orange Unified has two open seats on its Board of Education after former trustees Madison Miner and Rick Ledesma were recalled by a majority of voters in the March election. The seats representing Trustee area 4 and Trustee Area 7 have been vacant since March 22.

In March, Brian Nakamura resigned from his position on the Cypress Board of Trustees, leaving the seat representing Trustee Area A vacant. He had been a member of the board since 2010.

The districts are looking to provisionally appoint people to serve in the seats until the November 2024 election. Cypress was accepting candidate applications until April 24. OUSD residents have until April 26 to apply.

Applicants must be California citizens living in the area they wish to represent, be at least 18 years old, and not legally disqualified from holding civic office.

Candidates must also fill out a questionnaire which includes answering: “What do you see as the basic purpose of public schools?” and “What do you see as the strengths of the school district?”

Orange Unified is expected to interview prospective candidates to temporarily fill its two empty board seats on May 2. The date could be changed, according to the district.

Interviews of prospective candidates to fill the Cypress school board vacancy will take place at a special board meeting on May 6. “If fewer than two applications are received, the Board will instead call for an election to be held on the next regular election date, which is November 5, 2024,” according to the Cypress School District. 

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